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Become Ironmaster Affiliate


1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where we (the advertiser) collaborate with individuals or other companies (affiliates) to promote our products. Affiliates earn a commission for each sale or referral they make through their website or promotion. 

2. The Ironmaster Affiliate Program

At Tunturi, we aim to expand our reach and reach more people with our fitness products. Our affiliate program via TradeTracker allows us to collaborate with enthusiastic individuals and companies who share our passion for fitness. 

3. The benefits for you as an Ironmaster affiliate:

  1. Plenty of choices: You can promote more than 400 of our products at your discretion. We sell everything from resistance bands and yoga mats to exercise bikes and power stations; 
  2. Fast shipping: For orders placed before 1:00 PM, we even ship the same day;
  3. A high commission of 12.5% for every order made through you;
  4. An average order value of €423.
  5. Regular promotions and offers that you can take advantage of to increase sales even more.
  6. We are always open to partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

4. Steps to Become an Ironmaster Affiliate

To become an Ironmaster affiliate, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Register with TradeTracker, our affiliate platform at
  2. Sign up for our Ironmaster campaign with campaign ID: 37278.
  3. We will review your application and respond within a few days.
  4. Upon approval, you can start promoting our products and earn commissions for every successful sale made through your referral.

5. Quick Q&A

1. Do I need to sign a contract? 

No, you can stop at any time by removing Ironmaster promotions and backlinks from your site. 

2. Does Ironmaster accept all forms of marketing?

No, we do not accept unauthorized discount codes or cashbacks/discounts without prior approval. 

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